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UPDATE: The Residential Tenancies Amendment (Review) Bill 2018

The Residential Tenancies Amendment (Review) Bill 2018 is now in Parliament and public debate has finally commenced.

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Rental availability increases across Sydney

REINSW's August Vacancy Rate Survey shows rental availability across Sydney is increasing.

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Housing prices continue to fall, says REIA

REIA report shows median house prices are slipping across Australia.

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Real estate cybercrime still on the rise

Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting real estate transactions. Find out how one of Australia's Big Banks recommends you protect your business.

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It’s your time – so take it back, says real estate coach

Time management can make or break your real estate career. That's why real estate coach, Caroline Bolderston, thinks it's so important.

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Why you should use live chat

Sarah Malcolm from The Content Funnel shares why you should use live chat.

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Everybody needs good NABERS

The National Australian Built Environment System is now available for apartment buildings.

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RTA update: REINSW continues to fight for fair and equitable outcomes

Your latest update on the Residential Tenancies Act review.

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A step in the right direction, says smoke alarm experts

Australia's largest smoke alarm compliance and maintenance provider weighs in on NSW State Coroner's Court recommendations on smoke alarms.

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Government must act to prevent consumer danger

Magistrate of the NSW State Coroner's Court makes recommendations to improve fire safety in homes that echo changes proposed by REINSW.

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New Look Residential Sales Chapter Committee

REINSW has a new look Residential Sales Chapter Committee. And they're ready to make a difference to the industry.

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NSW Government agencies update external cladding regulation following Grenfell fire

NSW Government and Fair Trading address danger posed by external flammable wall cladding.

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The R U OK? Conversation Convoy is on the road again

Real estate can be a lonely profession. Do you know how to approach someone you think is struggling? Luckily R U OK?'s Conversation Convoy is heading your way.

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Housing finance numbers continue to fall, says REIA President

The ABS June 2018 housing finance figures show continued decline in purchase and construction of new dwellings.

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Why you should be wary of apps that make your job easier

Apps are designed to entertain, expedite and simplify. But when it comes to business, could they make your job harder or lead to misconduct?

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Interest rates on hold for two years

Interest rates remain at 1.50 per cent, giving stability to the property market, says Brett Hunter, REINSW deputy president.

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Cyberattacks can happen to you

If you think you're safe from cybercrime, think again. It's happening to agents now and it could happen to you.

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Top tips to nailing an interview, from an industry expert

If you want to shine in your next interview, take guidance from an industry expert.

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All aboard!

Leanne Pilkington hosts Women on Boards breakfast to celebrate and encourage women on boards and committees.

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NSW pushes for paperless property processes

The NSW Government takes the next steps to digitising property processes, in a move that could revolutionise the real estate industry.

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