July/August 2016 edition


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July/August 2016

Inside this month:
  • Success in service to others
    Kelly Petrini reveals the rewards of working in agency operations
  • Agents at the centre
    Involvement at all stages of the transaction
  • State of Origin
    Auctioneers compete for bragging rights
  • Agency services chapter
    Keeping the engine room running

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Success in service to others

Kelly Petrini’s childhood fascination with property became a lifelong passion for the real estate industry. Here she shares how this passion fuels her commitment to service as the lynchpin of her agency’s support operations.

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Introducing the Agency Services Chapter

The new REINSW Agency Services Chapter recognises the pivotal role of the practitioners who keep the engine room of our member agencies running smoothly.

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Counting the cost of cyber crime

The impact of a cyber security breach can be crippling for your business. Don’t make the mistake of thinking it can’t happen to you.

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Agents at the centre

Agents are in a unique position to extend and deepen their involvement in all stages of the real estate transaction by building and nurturing relationships with clients that extend beyond the obvious moments of buying, selling and leasing.

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Navigating through big changes

Working with clients when they’re making big life decisions is just one of things that makes real estate so rewarding for Director of Pilcher Residential, Simon Pilcher.

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Rewarding property management performance

Incentive programs for property managers are a great way to reward exceptional employees for reaching work goals, achieving milestones or simply doing a good job.

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Taking in the view

A 4WD frequently caked in dust and far from perfect mobile phone reception is part and parcel of the working day for Richard Gemmell from Elders Real Estate in Dubbo – but he wouldn’t have it any other way.

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The potential pitfalls of progression

After spending years in the field perfecting your skills as a real estate agent, it may seem like the obvious next step is to take the leap and open your own agency. But is it?

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Taking a stand on taxation

Our true strength comes to the fore when we put aside our differences and speak with one voice on the critical issues impacting our industry.

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