March/April 2017 edition

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March/April 2017

Inside this month:
  • Always above and beyond
    How Laetitia Pearce invests in her property management career
  • Industry legend
    Tim Anderson recognised with OAM
  • Liveability delivers results
    It's about more than energy efficiency 
  • Professionalism
    Establishing our ethical framework

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It all starts with ETHICS

If you think ethics is just for philosophers and intellectuals, think again.

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Family first

Working in the real estate industry is a real family affair for Aris Dendrinos.

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Don’t mess with misrepresentation

Two cases serve as a timely reminder for agents to always be accurate when making representations.

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Champions for the care factor

Starr Partners St Marys and Erskine Park is one of the most awarded Starr Partners offices in the nation.

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At the crossroads

Change is inevitable. Change is good. And the best type is the change we bring about ourselves.

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Always above and beyond

A passion for problem solving and love of customer service to launched the career of Laetitia Pearce.

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The people on the bus

If you want your real estate business to be successful, you need to get the right people on the bus, in the right seats – and the wrong people off the bus.

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/images/REINSW_Images/Real Estate Journal/Journal2017/02_MarApr/CecilleWELDON.jpg

Liveability delivers results

As property prices continue to hit record highs, consumers are demanding more from their homes. It’s no longer just about putting a roof over your head. It’s about lifestyle, comfort and affordability.

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/images/REINSW_Images/Real Estate Journal/Journal2017/02_MarApr/Spotloght.jpg

Spotlight on buyers’ agents

There are many risks associated with being a buyers’ agent and there’s often a fine line to tread to stay on the right side of the law.

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/images/REINSW_Images/Real Estate Journal/Journal2017/02_MarApr/TImAnderson1.jpg

Property management master

Recognised with the Medal of the Order of Australia in January this year for services to the real estate industry and to the community, we reflect on the impressive career of industry stalwart Tim Anderson.

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/images/REINSW_Images/Real Estate Journal/Journal2017/02_MarApr/FocusRS.jpg

The art of questioning

There’s an old saying: If you want better answers, ask better questions. Asking the right questions to uncover your client’s motivation can make all the difference. Here’s how.

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