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May/June 2017

Inside this month:
  • Crystal clear vision
    How David Highland created a different type of agency
  • Brand building
    8 steps to build your brand
  • Professionalism
    Elevating ourselves through education
  • What's your value?
    All agents not created equal

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Tracking your tradies

Employee fraud is a risk all agencies face and a recent claim highlights how important it is to protect yourself.

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Know what you stand for

Bernadette Hayes shares her top tips for real estate success.

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Tackling the housing affordability crisis

The housing affordability crisis hasn’t happened overnight.

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Agent extinction: Hype vs reality

Are real estate agents on the verge of becoming obsolete?

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Pink Up Your Town

REINSW is urging members to support the McGrath Foundation’s Pink Up Your Town.

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Double down on documentation

Showing a property to a potential buyer may seem innocent enough, but if you do it without having the right documentation in place beforehand you could find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

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Co-working spaces: The new ‘corporate cool’

With the number of co-working offices on the rise around the world, we look into the concept of shared, collaborative workspaces, what’s driving their popularity and the impact on the office market.

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Lobbying for equitable outcomes

Over the last two years, REINSW has been working closely with the NSW Government as part of the five-year statutory review of the Residential Tenancies Act 2010.

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EXPERIENCE takes more than just time

Calvin Coolidge, the 30th President of the United States of America, once said: “Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers.” These words uttered in the 1920s ring true today.

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It’s a trust thing

When it comes to professionalism, trust is the most critical element – and to build trust, as an industry we need to collectively embrace a mindset of continuous learning. Here’s why.

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Passion and gratitude

When it comes to property management, BresicWhitney’s Head of Property Management Suzie Hamilton-Flanagan knows what works.

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Building your team

A panel of industry experts came together to talk about recruitment and retention of staff on Thursday, 8 June 2017. Hosted by the REINSW Agency Services Chapter Committee, the panel shared their words of wisdom …

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The power of online learning

There are many different methods of learning and each has its own merits. One of the biggest barriers to learning in a classroom setting is finding the time. That’s why we offer eLearning, which allows agents to complete CPD courses on the computer.

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