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REI Forms Live
Complete your agreements and forms online.
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REI Inspect Live
The easiest way to conduct your REI Forms Live condition reports.
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People Management System
REEF's People Management System  has been configured to meet the specific needs of real estate employers, including specific modern awards, wages, templates and workflow.
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Latest news on technology


REINSW submission on electronic contracts

REINSW has made a submission in response to a Discussion Paper on digital technology and electronic signatures.

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Using social media to promote your brand

What’s the best way to promote your real estate ‘brand’ on social media?

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How to market your business on social media

Getting your business page right on Facebook and LinkedIn can result in huge sales and great publicity.

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Why the portals are worried about Facebook

Kylie Davis of CoreLogic explains why the portals should be worried about Facebook.

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Electronic evidence at NCAT hearings

Electronic evidence can be presented at a NCAT hearing.

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REI Forms Live integrates with DocuSign

REI Forms Live users can now electronically sign agreements using DocuSign.

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Agent extinction: Hype vs reality

Are real estate agents on the verge of becoming obsolete?

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Transition to eContracts is being resisted

Lawyers and conveyancers are proving to be the biggest roadblock using eContracts.

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Tomorrow’s world today

Once viewed as a futuristic concept, augmented reality is finally coming of age.

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The future is already here

The three technology megatrends driving change across the real estate industry are now well established. But human behaviour is changing as our capability to do more in less time increases. This in turn is changing consumer expectations.

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The digital interview

Agents need to be aware of the digital interview, says Steve Carroll of

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How big data is warming up cold leads

Detailed real-time data collection provides agents with more focused tools to win listings.

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New auction app for buyers and agents

A new auction app which aims to make it easier to deposit funds is on the horizon.

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Embracing the ecosystem

In a world where technology has dramatically changed the way we live, communicate and work it’s impossible to ignore the way individuals, businesses and entire industries are inextricably connected. So is it time for the real estate industry to rethi

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The power of the cloud

Cloud software can benefit businesses of any size and is the way forward in modern software technology. So what does cloud software mean for your real estate business?

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It’s time to electronically sign

The ability to electronically sign real estate agreements and forms will be a big step forward for the profession.

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