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Is offshoring worth doing?

Offshoring has become popular in real estate with businesses struggling to keep pace. However, is it worth it?

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James Pratt's tips for peak performance

Find out tips to maximise your performance in real estate from James Pratt.

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Building your team

A panel of industry experts came together to talk about recruitment and retention.

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Obligations on staff joining and leaving

Find out your obligations as a real estate business owners when an employee joins or leaves your agency.

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Know what you stand for

Bernadette Hayes shares her top tips for real estate success.

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Success in service to others

Kelly Petrini’s childhood fascination with property became a lifelong passion for the real estate industry. Here she shares how this passion fuels her commitment to service as the lynchpin of her agency’s support operations.

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Crystal clear vision

David Highland had a vision to create a different kind of real estate agency. Here’s how the vision came to life.

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How to make clients for life

Cameron Nicholls says having a connection for life is a long term approach.

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Youth and enthusiasm

Young, ambitious and dynamic, Zac Theobald and his team at LJ Hooker Bathurst are leading the way for a new generation of real estate professionals.

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The power of brand building

Strong branding can help you stand out from your competitors, add value to your offering and engage with your clients. Here are eight steps to help you build your brand.

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Family first

Working in the real estate industry is a real family affair for Aris Dendrinos.

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Always above and beyond

A passion for problem solving and love of customer service to launched the career of Laetitia Pearce.

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How to hire the best employee

Find out the top five skills needed in your business.

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Rising through the ranks

Since starting at Taylor Nicholas, Daniela Grech has done it all – from reception through to managing a high-performing commercial property management team. Here’s the story of her career journey.

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Leading from the centre

Sarah Bester, General Manager of Ray White Double Bay gives us a glimpse of her typical day.

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