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Rallying our response for residential tenancies reform

As the NSW Government conducts the five-year review of the Residential Tenancies Act, REINSW harnessed the collective knowledge and experience of members to craft its case for reform.

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Defying the daze of disruption

Digital disruption was the topic for debate and discussion at the 2015 REINSW Industry Summit, where delegates put forward their ideas about how to secure the future fitness of our industry.

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United we must stand

The newly elected REINSW President, John Cunningham, shares his vision for members and the wider industry.

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REINSW responds to RTA recommendations

REINSW has responded to recommendations for changes to Residential Tenancy Act.

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REINSW submission on long-term tenancies

REINSW has made a submission to NSW Fair Trading on long-term residential tenancies.

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We listen to you | They listen to us

Lobbying on behalf of members about the issues that matter is at the core of REINSW’s value proposition – and 2016 has undoubtedly been a defining year. Here’s our lobbying report card for the past 12 months.

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Path to professionalism commences

Agents have recognised the need to increase professional standards as the way forward.

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REINSW’s submission on real estate reforms

REINSW has made a 19-page submission on the NSW Government proposed reforms to the industry.

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Calling the government to account

Everyone in NSW has some association, direct or indirect, with property. Yet the property industry is treated as an afterthought by the NSW Government.

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Real estate training overhaul

No longer will it be easier and quicker to become a real estate agent than it is to train to be a barista, with the announcement of sweeping training reforms by the NSW Government.

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