Notifying claims

Call the claims hotline on 1800 559 450


Notifying Realcover of a claim
If you become aware of a potential claim, you should immediately call the Realcover claims hotline on 1800 559 450 to obtain expert advice about whether you should formally notify us of a claim. We have proven that in most cases agents walk away from a claim with no blemish on their record and for an amount less than their excess.

Claims documentation and correspondence
If you receive any correspondence or are notified of a potential claim, all details and documents should be forwarded to:

Jardine Lloyd Thompson Pty Ltd
(as insurance intermediary for Realcover)
PO Box 464

Or you can email 

What next?
If a claim is notified, Realcover will contact you to discuss the future conduct of the matter and if necessary will appoint an external legal services advisor. Our panel of law firms specialise in real estate practice.

If your policy deductible (excess) is 'costs exclusive', Realcover will meet payment of all legal fees, costs and expenses.

If your policy deductible is 'costs inclusive', any legal costs will be billed to you up to the limit of your deductible. Realcover will then meet any costs and all liability incurred after your deductible has been exhausted, up to the limit of indemnity.