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Property developers applaud ban on political donations
Released 13 September 2011

Property developers have applauded the announcement of a blanket ban on political donations from all corporations in NSW and local government elections. 

NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell announced legislation would be introduced to the Parliament to ban all corporate donations. Under the legislation, donations will be restricted to individuals on the electoral roll.

Aaron Gadiel Chief Executive of Property development industry group, Urban Taskforce, said the organisation had been campaigning for a blanket ban for many years.

“We’ve had a ban on political donations by property developers since 2009,” Gadiel said.

“In our view, the ban has helped strengthen confidence in government decision-making - and that’s important to our industry.

“A more generalised ban is equitable, because it makes little sense for some industries to be singled out, while others are treated punitively.

“The community will have greater confidence in government decision-making across the board as a result of the reforms announced by the Premier today.”

Gadiel said that he would study the detail of the government’s proposed legislation once it becomes available.