Webinar: Email Consent Notices

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Date and time: 24 May 2018 2pm-3pm

You will hear from Lisa Indge and Michelle Mclean on email consent, best practices when it comes to technology, procedures and case studies. In particular the team will cover:

• Email consent – the Act it comes from, what it means and how to use this method of service in practice
• The consent form – explain the form, display it on screen
• What is best practice when it comes to this technology advancement, how does an agency manage this method of service effectively, and what procedures are needed to ensure it is used correctly and appropriately. 
• Include relevant forms and agreements in the discussion such as the termination notices etc.
• Discuss case studies 

Meet the presenters

Lisa Indge from Let’s Rent's commitment to changing the face of property management is not limited to the way the business runs. She is also an active member of the REI Property Management Chapter where she contributes to industry-wide change. She’s enormously proud of the trademark friendliness that her team thrives on and is constantly on the lookout for ways to enhance service so Let’s Rent always stays one step ahead of the rest of the industry.
Michelle Mclean is a Senior Property Manager at Leah Jay in Newcastle. Working in property management has always been Michelle’s passion and she has over twenty years’ experience both in Sydney and the Hunter region. This year Michelle was appointed Chair of the Property Management Chapter at the Real Estate Institute, having served as a committee member of the Chapter for the past 14 years.


24/05/2018 - 24/05/2018
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